Corona virus outbreak in India: ‘The price of oxygen cylinders in the black market has gone up tenfold’

Conditions are worst in Delhi, where there is no intensive care unit. Those who can afford it are seeking advice from nurses and doctors through the internet for a fee so that their loved ones can breathe.

But the difficulty is at every turn, from blood tests to CT scans or X-rays, laboratories are crowded and it takes three days to get the test results. That is why doctors are not able to assess the severity of the disease nor are they able to cure it.

Doctors say the delay is putting many lives at risk. I myself know many patients who got beds but could not be admitted to the hospital because they did not have a code test.

Some hospitals said they did not have beds, while others said they were not admitting more patients due to lack of oxygen. In Delhi, many people have died due to lack of oxygen. The city’s hospitals are under so much pressure that they are publicly announcing how many hours of oxygen they have left. Then the government moves, the cylinders are sent and the work goes on for some time.

Seeing the condition of the hospitals, Tiwari bought an oxygen generator at a very high price so that his brother could breathe. Tiwari was also asked by doctors to administer antiviral drug remedies. But they did not get the medicine. Her brother’s condition is deteriorating and doctors say he may soon need a hospital to administer the medicine.

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